Digital Print Process

Some may think "digital" means it's just photo-manipulation or to punch some magic buttons, but there is hours of study and knowledge of the classical art techniques to create these works. Below you see some examples of my digital drawings and how I combines them to create the final products.



The shapes are later "cut out" form the white background so I can use/ place them into other surroundings.


Library with design objects


All artworks consist of Illustrator files and drawings from Photoshop. All objects are created from scratch, non direct use of photos or image trace.


Ideas and sketches


I prefer drawings when it comes to depicting of the human body. Sometimes I do it by hand on paper, or using an image as a reference when using drawing-pad and Photoshop. Either way, it's a lot of work, and there is no shortcut to transfer a photo into a drawing.







If I need to use a pattern I'll like to create them my self in Adobe Illustrator. This pattern is inspired by the early 1900's arts and craft.





When the composition is ready, I start the next steps like shading with use of drawing-pad to create some extra details, and quality to the picture. Since the original objects are almost in gray scale it takes a while to get the right mood and colors for the final image/composition.




 Details & shading



I always compose on freehand. Starting with a white background and place the objects on the canvas, move them around until I'm satisfied. I like to work with silhouettes and in a gray scale to have better control over the composition, lights and shades before starting with details and colors.





The funniest part is when it comes to life on paper. My graphic arts are printed by Mester Rammer, Carl Berner in Oslo. They have the best of industrial high-quality printers.




 Final step

Digital Graphic Art-Gallery


Last step is to do some small adjustments corrections on colors and light conditions before the final printing.


 Final touch


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